woensdag 15 juni 2011

A bed of roses...

You know, one of the things I love most about my pullips is making them things like clothes and furniture. It's just a lot of fun to make them dresses I would -never- wear myself or to give them a room that I would never live in. It's just a nice way of expressing yourself in ways you wouldn't do otherwise. Making these things yourself instead of just buying them on the internet somewhere means your things will be completely original and a lot cheaper, as doll clothes tend to be extremely expensive.

That being said, I'm absolutely no good at making clothes. I have plenty of brilliant ideas, but to make them work with real fabric requires a kind of skill and patience I simply don't have (and a sewing machine would help). I did make my dolls some clothes, especially back when I first got my first few dolls, but I ended up buying them most of their wardrobe because the things I made simply didn't look all that good.

So I was a bit reluctant to try out Knottykitty's tutorial on making an infinity dress. She claimed it was super easy and as I have loads and loads and loads of fabric lying around still I figured why not?
So here's Raia showing off the result. For something that requires so little effort, I think it looks pretty well! I really know where to pay attention next time so I hope my next effort will look even better. I actually quite enjoyed making the dress. I should do things like this more often but alas, so little time.

On a slightly unrelated note: I know I am a week behind on the Magic Chronicles, but I've been a bit sick and didn't have the energy to make new episodes. Hopefully I'll be able to make a new ep this weekend.

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