zondag 30 oktober 2011

The End is coming closer...

Yesterday evening I finished the last chapter of part 4 of Royal Destiny, and I also wrote the Epilogue. When I had finished that, I realized that this was the last Epilogue I was going to write for RD, ever, as part 5 doesn't have one.
It took me a while to realize this was the first "the last one" I have written for RD. Only sixty chapters are remaining which will keep me occupied for a while still, but after that it's done. After eight years, RD is finally coming to an end.
I'm happy with the way Part 4 turned out. I made up most of this story as an adult (I had a general outline for parts 4-5 from my childhood, but that was really vague and I ended up removing quite a lot of stuff, except for the very end of part 5, and I redid most of it) unlike parts 1-3 which were heavily based on what I had come up with when I was 14. This meant the tone of part 4 was quite different; there wasn't a general bad guy or threat that had to be vanquished, it focused mainly on the main characters and their personal problems, and the effects of their actions on others. I really like this way of writing more, to be honest; it allows for more character development and more interesting plot lines.
Part 4 and 5 are heavily related to each other, even more so than the other parts were. Part 4 was mostly the setup for what will happen in part 5, where all the storylines will come together. This meant that at the end of part four not much is resolved yet, but I hope I managed to give an ending to the part none the less, because the events at the end of part 4 will be a turning point in the story.
So what's in store for part 5? Of course, it'll be the end of RD, so you'll get a lot of answers and closure. The characters will be revisiting old places and you'll get to discover a bunch of new ones still. Also, there will be a new POV character. She'll be the POV for the end of part 4 as well. Can you guess who it will be? I hope you will all stick around with me until the end of RD and I really, really hope you will enjoy the final part!!!

I'm going to write a large part of part 5 in Nanowrimo, so look forward to hearing me rant about writing struggles as well!

Also, the picture at the top of this post is an insert drawing for chapter "The Mysterious Pony" (Princess Awakening, chapter 81). 3 insert drawings will be added to each part eventually! I'm really looking forward to what Lunacat will make! If this picture is any indication, I'm sure it'll be -amazing-!

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